4. august 2011

Last makeup test

My girlfriend was so kind to do the last makeup test, and it turned out great!

But one thing has gone terribly wrong! The place I ordered the skin-color, they sent me the wrong one!!! And they can't send me a new one in time, so I'm forced to use the one I bought for her body-marks, and then use a metallic silver for the markings.
It sucks three ways to hell!
Out in the sun the color looks like the one I actually ordered, but when I do not appear in the sun it looks terribly blue!

This bow-thingy is killing me but at least it stays there now!

The eyes are actually a little different from each other, hard to see in this picture though - but I'll be making the make-up I'm wearing on my right eye (left in the picture, mate..)
Btw those hair-thingies coming in from the sides will be attached to my skin with body glue (@w@)

Still need very few things to be done and I'll finish the cosplay 100% tonight (^-^)

4 kommentarer:

  1. nej nederen med malingen man!
    men tbh :( så troede at hende du cosplayer havde blå hud...

    hvor er det vildt alt det du har nået på kort tid :) glæder mig til at se billeder fra når hun skal i brug!

  2. OH NO THEY DIDN'T!! I fell so sorry for you ;_; But at least the blue skin color is better than normal skin color :D

    Can't wait to see this in real life. Already looks amazing!

  3. Fuck det ser godt ud alligevel O_O

  4. Amazingly beautiful! I wish I could see you in person in this costume.


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