25. august 2011

Change of plans Ö


It seems that the cosplays for J-Popcon 2011 (the secret project) is so complicated that I have to wait with Jester. I was really looking forward to be Jester but I guess he'll have to wait. Unless my cosplay just get done all of a sudden but it's also about money.. so.. I huess I'll cosplay True Form Midna at Friday at J-Popcon but my little sister is working on a "Imp Midna" project so I hope she'll get done so that we can cosplay together.

She just got her own blog and haven't started updating yet but I know that she's making some awesome cosplays, you should take a look :P

I'm still waiting for some Midna photos from Genki and I can't wait to show em off :D

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