14. august 2011


So last weekend I attended at Genki-con 2011. I was invited this year, as a judge in the competitions and it was so much fun! I got to get all perverted with all the nice props and costumes! Nom nom nom~

Nothing new Friday. I was Heather Mason and my sister went as a Bubblehead Nurse.

Taken by Zarsu.

Saturday was the big day! The body paint I had to wear was a mix of a Turkish blue and a silver because I got another color than the one I actually needed. Shithead bastards! Sorry.....
The only thing I didn't like about my cosplay was that you couldn't see the markings she has on her legs (or I had) because I had to use the color for the markings as the actual skin tone.. That was horseshit, because it looks like I actually forgot about them. Well they were there, but they were very hard to see (>_>)
Other than that I loved being Midna and a lot of people wanted to take pictures :D

Taken by Line M. Larsen.

Taken by Zarsu.

Taken by Zarsu.

Sunday I went as Link and me love muffin went as Ilia.
It was a very nice convention and I enjoyed every single second!!!

Picture by Zarsu.
Me with the other judges; Anne Søndergaard and Ida Kirkegaard.

Photo request taken by Zarsu.

Photo request 2 taken by Zarsu.

Right now I'm in Oberstaufen with my parents - relaxing - but when I get home I have to get on with my secret project for J-Popcon 2011. Phew..

Good times, people :D

4 kommentarer:

  1. Dinecosplayerstadigsuperseje 8D

  2. Such beautiful, beautiful work. Y'all are so sweet together in that last picture. Great shots.
    I knew your Midna was going to be kickass.

  3. Looks AAWESOME Nadia!!!!! *Q* Aaarh ville så meget ha ønsket jeg havde set det IRL TT__TT Men det ser SÅ flot ud! Elsker makeup'en!! :D

  4. Ahahaha, love how many times my alias is mentioned ♥

    Your Midna looked amazing in real life *-*


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