13. juli 2013

Twinrova WIP (2)

This entry is cosplay related and therefore in English!

Spent sooo many hours on my cosplay today and I just stopped for today, and with the progress I have made, I thought it was time for some WIP-pictures :3

The pants are done! They are a p-e-r-f-e-c-t fit, but so hard to get on, so I think I'll have to make a zipper on the back or something.

When it's on!

The tulle inside the pants makes it comfortable to look at even when it's lying flat on the floor :3

Also the wig arrived yesterday! I haven't done anything to it yet, really. I need a person to wear it for me.... Hmm... I might just measure my boyfriend's head and see if he'll do :P ha-ha!

So, beside minor changes/optimizations there's is very little left before I can start on the "hair"/"crown"/"fancyness" on her head :3 that is the part I have been looking forward to the most! :D

I hope you're all enjoying the summer!

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