4. april 2011

Wig ordered & paid!

I just ordered and paid my Sora wig a few minutes ago :3
I've been looking for one at Ebay for some time now and I decided to go for a rather expensive one since I'm willing to pay that for my wigs as long as they'll be good.

It's $44 with shipping included. I can't wait to style this. I never styled an up-going "punk" wig before so I'm very excited.

"Please dear eBay- and shipping Gods - I pray that this wig will arrive to me in time"

2 kommentarer:

  1. I think it is the same wig as I got for my Sora, if you don't have a giant head like me, it will be perfect! I just loved it and it is SO easy to style too.
    And the shipping was fast with me, I think it came in a week ^^


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