11. april 2011

Making Progress :D

I'm getting further by any day right now. I've been working on my Sora cosplay a lot lately and the vest is actually almost done. I'm working on the shoes, too.
Saturday I used paper maché on the shoes and yesterday they were drying in the sun (^w^)
 They make a bit noise when I walk in them (because they're stuffed with  regular paper).
Nest step is to put the fabrics on them.  Can't wait to see how they're going to turn out *excited*

So here's a preview on the vest. I added those yellow things but I still need the other set, so. Guess I'll make that later today :D
(Noticed anything diffrent? I got a facelift, hurraaaayyyy!!!!1one)

3 kommentarer:

  1. lol, troll-face!
    looking pretty good!

  2. THE SHOES ARE LOOKING BIG. BIG AND FLUFFEH. Can't wait to see the final shoes :3

    Your west & giant zipper look sooo good *-*

  3. I love the wig-parade in the background, haha!


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