23. april 2011

Photoshoots and process!

Right now I'm having Easter Break from school. It's very nice.. The weather outside it fantastic! It has been SUCH a hard winter in Denmark but finally it's spring!
During this break I had my sister over for a visit and we went out and had a "Riku & Risa Harada" photoshoot because they were out first cosplays but we never actually had a photoshoot but now we had!

All the pictures are on my website you should have a look :3

When my sister went home, Sascha (aka. Zarsu) came over!
She took pictures of my Link cosplay! At long last! I've really been waiting for the perfect moment to take these pictures and the weather was just perfect.

There's 40 edited pictures for this photoshoot and they're all online at my website, so take a look.

Other than that, I've also been working hard on my Sora cosplay (since it has to be done in two weeks!). I've made great progress and I have a few pictures here... Please note that in the picture where I'm wearing the "so far"-outfit I'm wearing the pants backwards...by accident xD

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  1. The cosplay is already SO awesome Q-Q Can't wait to see it at SVSCon!!

    Gotta pose beside ya! <3


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