11. juli 2011

Photoshoot & progress!

Forgot to upload this yesterday XD
Yesterday we went to a place and took some pictures of my Sora cosplay :D
First I had a photoshoot featuring single pictures of me, and after that I had a photoshoot with Zuum, who was cosplaying as Anti-form Sora. I decided to part the two photoshoots, so only part one is online for now :)

Here are some teaser pictures, but you'll have to go to my website in order to see all 16.
Please follow this link.

And here comes a teaser for part 2: "Anti".. 

And now for the newest updates on my Midna cosplay:

Phew.. That was pain in the @ss.. and "worst" of all.. that was only on the inside, and it has only one pattern, on the outside there is 2 diffrent... in 4 diffrent colours...
*dies* XD

2 kommentarer:

  1. Looking great! and you are too cute!

  2. årh billedet ved vandet ser mega godt ud!


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