20. juli 2011

Cloak almost done!!!!

Today when I get home from work, I'll finish the painting on the cloak. Had to take a break, since my shoulder started to hurt a lot after I painted the first part, which you can see on the images.
Well... I'm not ENTIRELY satisfied, because as I were painting sometimes the brush would slip, and I would make a stroke that wasn't supposed to be there - so I had to make it look like it was the actual pattern for Midna, so that sucked. Also the pattern I made turned out a little too small, so I had to make some of the "signs" bigger to make it fit the cloak (>_<)

I didn't paint it plain white because I think too many Midna cosplayers do that already and my interpretation of her design, is that the white parts are very faded and almost invisible at times, so that's the look I went for.

May look very white in these pictures but when you see it irl it looks more faded and grey-ish :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wooow! *O* Admire admire, nice work!

  2. Paint jobs are the worst!! Especially when you mess things up, ugh xD
    But it looks amazing so far :D


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