13. juli 2011

It's like TLoZ's kkk!!!

Just kidding :P
It's just the shape of the hat I made for my Midna cosplay xD ~ I'm SO glad it's not white..

The last few days I feel like I've made big progress on Midna! I just painted the blue parts inside the cloak the other day, and today I did the red parts on the loin cloth.. You would call that a loin cloth, right? I mean....it is... except she doesn't have one to cover her butt - she has the cloak for that :P

Anyway here're the new pics:

Mmhhh...loin cloth...
Yup, this is what the crown (so far) is looking like on top of the hat. It refused to stay nice on the hat...Have to fix that..
IKR!?!? MAJOR FACELIFT.....just popped out of nowhere xD
Wednesday I'll go to "Stof & Stil" (meaning "Fabric & Style" - my favourite fabric store) and get what I need for the body-suit... THAT'S going to be a lot of pain to get done nicely!!!!!

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  1. haha jeg troede lige ansigtet var en papmaske du havde printet ud hahaha :D
    tænkte lige: Gå amok!


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