26. juli 2011

Big Midna Day

First of all.. The design on this blog changed a little. The icons are diffrent and the header has been edited slightly as well.

Today I worked 7½ hours on my Midna cosplay. Started at 1 a clock and just stopped half an hour ago (@w@) ~ It all just went so well so I continued for hours.
The only, and absolute only, thing there's left for the cloak is attaching it to the black skin. I need to get the buttons on Monday. Then I need the last paint job on the sleeves, then there's nothing back but the accessories, and I'm about halfway through with them as well. So.. Going to make it in time, I'm sure :)
I'm even hoping for nice weather next week so we can have the photoshoot before I go to Genki-con (^-^)

So.. here are the pics 

To keep me going 
This picture was not taken today but I still worked hard the other day :3

This clay material hardens in the oven and get all brown. It's actually porcelain clay for doll making.
This is how it tuned out. Need to get the red ruby...
In-build bra - hell yeah!
IT GOT TOES! Hell yeah, because Midna has toes!
The wig I got for this cosplay was really long so I cut it and I'll use that hair to clue to the orange  felt.
This is how it looks so far!!!! The black skin is not glued to my body in these pictures. I'm going to get the same kind of skin glue I use for attaching my hylian ears - it's so strong and sticky!

I become really small in this cosplay (._.) it's the loin cloth I guess.. And I refuse to wear shoes, because MIDNA DOESN'T WEAR SHOES........... AND JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Boy oh boy it's gonna be so awesome!
    And hey, if people complain over your costume being too 'much', they can go make a better one and enter the contest.

    And you should just stand next like... me or Sasha, then you will look like a giant among hobbits 8D (Yes I am still reading the Hobbit and hobbit jokes will be forever funny...)

  2. Omg Looking so good! *O* Even though I still don't know who the character is expect her name is Midna, I still look forward to see it in action! ^^b You're going to look so awesome!.. and I'm a bit scared of you being the judge.. (going on stage, not aiming to win though) xD but you sure do have the talent to be one! So Good luck ^^b

  3. This is the best Midna I have ever seen. I love how you chose to do the white/bluish skin parts as you skin. I also love that you did the toes.

  4. Wow, good job! That's a long time to just paint/sew in one row!
    Everything is looking amazing, maan :D Can't wait to see it in live action!

    Totally mindfuck - at first I thought the picture was ME sewing....Ahahaha X'D Still haven't gotten used to your blond hair, I guess~


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