5. juni 2011

More Midna work

I've been working on some more Midna-stuff :)
I'm halfway with the accessory that holds her hair on her chest, and about 15% through with the crown (^-^)
This morning I did a miniature model of her cloak - actually just the pattern.

After 3 tryouts the final model ended up like this:

And I also have a few more pictures from the previous make-up test:
I decided that in the next make-up test I'll make the eyebrows go more upwards and the eye shape will pretty much be the same but with a few changes :3

And then a pic of the so-far-crown:
Heh :P

1 kommentar:

  1. Haha remote control! xD

    Awesome Make up~~ scary, but cool! ^^


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