17. februar 2011

Wig consideratons

Hello peops!

I've just re-watched the entire Code Geass serie again, and in less than 2 weeks, so I'm really obsessed with my Zero and Lelouch-cosplays at the moment.

I'll repair my "Zero's Mask" since it's kinda broken after so many people touching it (>_<) I'll be going on stage with my Anya and Spinzaku cosplay-buddies at SVS-con and I can't wait! I'm too excitet, we're just not sure what to make for an act yet (OwO);;

So anyway.. I decided I wanted to cosplay some of the Code Geass girls as well and I decided to go for the Ashford Academy uniform (female) because then I can cosplay C.C., Shirley and Kallen. Also I can lend the uniform to friends if they cosplay while I'm being Lelouch.

Yesterday I spent some hours on pattern-making for the uniform and I bought some yellow-ish fabric for the "jacket" as well. Then today I washed it so it's ready for tomorrow evening after work :D
Today I went "window-shopping" at ebay and found some wigs I'm considering to buy for C.C. and Shirley (as I already got my Kallen since she and Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 2) got almost same hair.) Here's what I found:

It's really perfect and really expensive:
$54.99 and then shipping for $13.95...
I'm not sure if I'm that stupid and perfectionist.

I found one another for Shirley but they don't ship to Denmark (>___>)
It was only $28.50.. *sobs*

Then I found some wigs for C.C. But two of them can't be shipped to Denmark either. I'm only happy that the one I like the best can be shipped to me (^.^)
This one:

The buy now price is $20 and shipping is $18.95.
I don't think it's that expensive. Especially when you consider how perfect it is - except for the bangs but I'll just re-style them :3 ~

2 kommentarer:

  1. Coool~ *O* I will totally look forward to your Shirley/C.C cosplay!~ I think you would look awesome especially as C.C ~

  2. Ohhh, sounds like a simple and neat project :D Can't wait to see the finished result!

    Those wigs are expensive o.o But they look great!


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