8. februar 2011

Sheath - part 1

Hello folks!

My future cosplay plans have changed a bit, and I'll be updating you shortly, but first I'd like to say something.
As you probably have noticed I haven't really updated lately. As I mentioned in en earlier post, my girlfriend and I are working on a secret cosplay project for J-Popcon 2011, and we already have begun because there's SO much to do! And since it's a secret project I won't be able to post any pictures of it before it's debut. We are really working our asses off in order to make these two incredible cosplays, so even of it might not seem so, I'm really at it all the time.

Now for something new :D
I started making the sheath for my Master Sword today. I want it to be done for my upcoming Link photoshoot this spring. We already found the two perfect locations. I want the sheath to be done for Okashii-con next month, too, so I started off with some cardboard crafting and some papier maché.

So here are the plan changes:

(I'll only be going Saturday)
- Link -

(I'll be going home Saturday evening after the show)
Friday: Yami Bakura
Saturday: Zero

No further plans have been changed :3

If you didn't notice I made an update on my cosplay website. Zero's helmet is now available to see. There are pictures, a description and a video.

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