14. februar 2011

Sheath - part 2

Today I worked more on the sheath for the Master Sword.
A really annoying thing happened to it when the papier maché was drying...the sheath became uneven....doh! (>_<); But I managed to save it a little..

So today I started on the golden patterns. It's still just rough-crafting bit next step will be the finishing touches before the paint :3 ~ There's under a month until Okashii-con but I only have to work on it a few more times then it's done xD
I guess it is finished in 8 consecutive working-hours.

Gotta need nice circumstances to work under x,D

So now the glue is drying with a little help from a LOT of tape xDD

1 kommentar:

  1. Woah, it already looks amazing o_o Can't wait to see the painted version!!


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