19. august 2013

Twinrova WIP (3/final) + Genki cosplays!

This entry is cosplay related and will be in English!

This is the final WIP-entry I will make on Twinrova. I'm almost done and by the end of the week when I will visit my sister to rehearse the act, she should be done! A week in advance, and it will feel great!

I've been working my ass off but at the same time I had fun. I think it pays off that I only make 1 or 2 cosplays a year (and my wallet is happy as well).
Twinrova has ended up becoming one of my most expensive cosplays with a minimum value of 1.600 DKR (appr. 285 USD). But as long as I only make such few a year, I will happily pay the price for the right materials.

My small work station!

Sleeve before gold paint :)
Turns out that the black fabrics I selected has a plastic-like surface so vlisoflex glue won't attach to it (not even hot glue or textile glue, wth?) So I had to sew (in zig-zag) the silver fabrics to the sleves (and there are four sides with it) and because the silver fabrics are satin, I had to glue all of that to vliseline at first, so it turned out to be a more-than-whole-day-project to get the sleeves done :P

I managed to get the brooms done yesterday! I just bought a big broomstick with fine wood details, but they were too light so I had my dad help me with some wood-paint. They just turned out perfect!

Demo on the hair. Not much to say other than I still need to sew them to the wig.
(And my boyfriend's head shall be my model this Wednesday, muhahahaha!)

The crown and diamond are done as well. I bought a sheet of plastic and some blue and red half-transparent paper. When you see the crown against the light, you can kinda see through it, and I varied the layers of paper in it so it seems like it has darker and lighter parts. But in normal light it just seems....flat... If there was anything with this cosplay that I would ever re-do, it would be the diamond.
Genki-con is approaching and here are my cosplay plans:




I'm looking very much forward to see all my beloved friends in just 10 days!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hold nu op en KÆMPE opgave. Jeg ligger mig fladt ned i ren og skær respekt :-) Du er vildt dygtig.
    God fornøjelse når det endelig bliver tid til Genki <3
    Kram fra mor
    Ps: Vær sød ved Jonas :-))))

  2. wauw, it looks amazing *A * I always love your approach on projects, it's so inspirational!

  3. Woah, the sleeves sound like hard work!! But it looks great :D
    The hair-thingy looks so adorable xD

    Can't wait to see your wear this!


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