4. november 2010

Heather pt. 4 + ect.

My Heather cosplay is almost done now :D
I only need to spraypaint the gun and make some covering on the boots (^-^)/

I'll be going to Aalborg with the cosplay tomorrow because we need to have a photoshoot for the CosMag magazine, and the photographer, Sascha, know this place... a big abandoned building where we can have the shoot.. Oh, I can hardly wait.. I'm looking so much forward to this shoot :3

Anyway I made the rest of the cosplay yesterday evening. I was done about 9 pm.. nice..
Then I went to my room, watching the season 2 of Desperate Housewives, while I painted the skirt green :D so I'll be all done tonight after work! YES! No stress!

I styled the wig as well. My house-mate, Kami, taught me some things about making the wig look fluffy, used, greasy and sweaty and I think it turned out well :P

For J-Popcon I sorta have a plan but I have work also (friday night), and if I can't have anyone take the shift for me, then I won't cosplay friday, but IF someone takes my shift, my plan is as follows:

Friday: Going as Link (Twilight Princess).
Saturday: Going as Heather Mason (Silent Hill 3) with my littlesister and our friend as nurses ^^ We'll also be wearing these cosplays for the show.
Sunday: Going as Risa Harada. Grouping up with, Sabine (Zuum), Lea (Mirazie), Lisa (Fee - my littlesister) and Sarah (Saxis). So we'll have this big D.N.Angel group. I can't wait!

So I did some Harada wig styling also. The wig is a little too dark, but I haven't got one and Lea borrowed me this, so I'm happy :3

It looks black, but it's actually brown :D

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  1. omgomgomgomg, looking so much forward to see the cosplay. <3 going to be so cool! the photoshoot sounds really awesome, can't wait to see the pictures. :)

  2. Can't wait to see you :D It's going to be fun, I'm sure! I'm a bit nervous about the pictures - so much pressure XD But I'll do my best to make sure we get some awesome shots~

    The vest looks SO good. Like one you could buy in a shop O-O And the wig looks perfect as well :D Oh yaaay!

    Can't wait to see your act! And hearing that you're going to have a D.N.Angel group makes me very happy >w<

  3. I'm so bummed I can't be there and watching you at the photoshoot, haha! But I'll be happily waiting for J-popcon to look at you awesome girls <3


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