10. juni 2013

Twinrova WIP (1)

This post is cosplay related and therefore in English!

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Those fabrics were actually very expensive! I think I got the colors very well though :)


So.. I finished doing my math work/readings for tomorrow's math exam so I decided to relax for the rest of the day and beside playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 I decided to get some cosplay done!
I had already started on the pants and decided to go further :D

I want the pants to be really big and fluffy so I had bought some tulle for that purpose and I decided to make two fake pant legs with tulle to wear underneath the actual pants (yes, they are ridiculously hot to wear already!)

The red ones (left pic) were some really fast done pants just to see if they would fit and have the effect I wanted. I then made them from the desired fabrics (middle pic) with a little deeper v-shape at the front. At this point I had already made one tulle-leg and I tried to wore it inside the pants (right pic).

This is how the tulle-legs look like without the paints.

Above I have shown two pics (left ones) where I wear the pants without tulle and on the right I wear them with tulle. The difference is actually big, so I want to wear the tulle even though they are hot. Fortunately I can take them out at any time :)

I didn't manage to make any more for today, but I did order the lenses! I found just the perfect ones. I didn't want them too big or with a black border.........the white border in the picture below is not actually on the lenses.

I actually begun on the .....crown? ...Diamond I think! It's still just beta-phase, but it's something!

That's all for now!
[ enjoy the summer ]

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