29. juni 2013

Cosplay, lenses and Zelda-altar!

This entry is cosplay related and therefore in English!

Not long ago, I found an issue of the Danish online cosplay magazine; DKos, too read some lenses reviews and found a pretty nice website and ordered a pair of lenses for my Twinrova cosplay. They arrived not two weeks later and I did get some free gifts and a card in which they wrote my name with a pen.

The order was from LoveShoppingHolics.COM (as I write this the site is down, actually) and I have had such a great experience with them that I will use the site for the next lenses I need to buy. In the package I got:

- Lenses
- Some whitening-eye-something
- A "Thankyou" card
- Something that sticks to my hair which is pretty funny (look picture below)
- Lens case

And all in some fancy and cute wrappings :)

Not long ago I decided to move all the stuff from the top shelf in my bookcase and put a lot of my Zelda stuff there (it was almost hidden away on a small black bookcase before). I couldn't fit my mangas and all my figures and games there but I think it turned out well :3

 And today, besides FINALLY starting to play Skyward Sword on Hero Mode, I had some cosplay done. The top is quite difficult because it has to be rather tight but meanwhile I should be able to move around and be aware of where my boobs are all the time (because I have never worn a cosplay shirt/top like this one, and I'm afraid my boobs will fly around EVERYWHERE, hahaha!)

Just with a simple part of the red belt. I'm so excited for this cosplay because I get to be a little flashy and A. GIRL. OMG!
(But in general, well-fuck-me, because I chose another body-paint based cosplay)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Du har det med bodypaint som jeg har det med rødhårede karaktere. Man tænker "DEN her, er den sidste" og pludselig har du +3 flere på din liste :'D

  2. Crazy lenses - can't wait to see your wear them xD
    And the costume already looks awesome :D But I feel sad for you and your bodypaint, haha xD


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