20. marts 2013

J-Popcon and Sketches!

Okay so this is cosplay-related and will be in English :P

J-Popcon was last weekend, and oh boy, did I enjoy jumping into a new cosplay again? Yes, indeed I did. It has been almost a year since I last wore a cosplay..
So I went as Ghirahim from Skyward Sword and people were generally excited about it and for that I am so happy! My dear sweet sister helped me maintain the make-up and carry some of my stuff so I could be really fabulous 
I had my sister take a few pictures of me and I also had some awesome photographers take pictures and I can't wait to see them edited and online!

Two of the judges that came to J-Popcon were Yaya-han and PixelNinja! The Danish cosplay magazine DKos had an interview with Yaya-han and she was photographed with my face in her hand! I'm so happy she saw my cosplay (;^;) but it does not cover my excitement for PixelNinja! She was going as Skyloft Zelda from Skyward Sword the same day I was Ghirahim AND I NEVER FOUND HER AND GOT A MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HER :'C I regret so much that I didn't ask her for a picture the one time I actually ran into her, so fml!
Yaya and my small blue face! Ha-ha-ha!

I will not be going to svs-con this year. It is too far away and too expensive to go all the way, and it is in the middle of my exams at the university so that is a no-go. I will be going to Genki in August/September though and I will be cosplaying with my sweet sister from Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, but.....................it is not me that will be going as Link ;) ~ I shall reveal who I should be in a later post! 

Aaaaaaaand I have had time to draw a little this month!

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  1. Damn i really wanted to go there :( Too bad i was busy that day :( Well i hope you guys had lots of fun,it seemed like that! I will be there next year though ;)


  2. Woah, I really wanted to be there this year! And thanks for sharing your pics with us, and.. WOAH.. your costume is stunning. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. YOU are such an amazing cosplayer, and your skills are truly outstanding! <3 It looks like you had a really good time! :D

  3. I held hands and got a hug from Pixelninja ;D jealous? And your Ghirahim is still Fab!


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